Litogini has several partnerships, strategic alliances enable business to deliver value, through access to resources, including technologies, intellectual property, brand equity, strategic relationships, capital, people and technologies.

Litogini in the acquisition phase of the contracts, as well as presenting its references, performs the group combined at partners with specific skills, a strategic approach that allows to serve the customer to the best of ability, even when they are required know-how and technological very advanced.

Below is a brief description of some strategic partners: 


Litostudio represents highly qualified and experienced professionals who form a group synergy and interchangeable to design project from small to big idea

(6,0 MB) Litostudio_Profile_EN.pdf


The study Bucci & Partners deals with the design of a broader type of work providing support to architects and engineers seeking innovative solutions and supporting them in the design of particularly complex works.
The design requires the synergy between different skills, all united in the search for excellent design, meaning not only the great "good", but also the functional, the practical, efficient.

(20,8 MB) BUCCI&PARTNERS_Brochure_s.pdf


ERRENAVI operates as main contractors for both turn key projects and shipbuilding in naval and industrial fields starting from basic to classification design up to workshop activities and operates in technical survey for new buildings and refitting jobs

(3,2 MB) ERRENAVI-Litogini_Brochure.pdf


The GIAexploring work in the field of geological surveys, alongside professionals, organizations and businesses in the resolution of problems of geological and environmental nature.

(2,8 MB) GIAexploring_Accreditations-certificat_Geology-Giaexploring_LG_IT.pdf
(1,5 MB) GIAexploring_exploring_LG_IT.pdf


Archibio by Marco Nieri designs and builds Bio-energetic gardens, benefits to human health, with techniques of psycho-architecture and eco-design. 

(1,0 MB) MARCO-NIERI-Ecodesigner-Environment-Bio-architecture-MarcoNieri-CVEnglish.pdf


Doctor Carmelo CAVALLO Engineer, was advisor to the Special Commissioner of the Government for infrastructure prison - for "PLAN OF PRISONS" - Italy and Member of the Prison Design and Construction Joint Committee (Ministry of Justice - Ministry ofPublic Works) chaired by the Minister ofJustice, as well as many charges as Superintendence of regional administrations.
(2,1 MB) Doctor_Camelo_Cavallo_CV_EN.pdf


efa_ Emilio Faroldi Associati is a group practice of architecture with offices in Parma and Milan.  The studio addresses issues related to cities, their various hinterlands, the architecture of which they are made up and the technologies required for their construction, explored in terms of the functions and activities that they accommodate in tandem with the combination of their form and composition...



Frank Bogino is the creative director of  Hollywood Adventures and participates in the drafting of Master Planning - Attractions Development - Park Operations - Theme Park and Water Park Planning.
(0,4 MB) Frank_Bogino_CVandReferenceListInformation.pdf


SET is an engineering firm with expertise in mining engineering, local environment and sustainable development, renewable energy, as well as civil and industrial, public and private engineering.

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OIL & GAS - Production Operations & Maintenance

Citadel Technologies is the leading manufacturer of engineered composite repairs for 20 years. The best alternative to clamps and cut out/replacement, Citadel Technologies’ carbon fiber and 100% solids epoxy composite repairs are used to rehabilitate and restore original operational strength to damaged, corroded, and eroded pipelines, piping systems, and civil structures. 

(3,4 MB) Citadel_Technologies_Composite_Repair_Systems-Presentation-REV5.pdf



DMA GROUP operating for a long time in renewable energy to plan and create wind farm, photovoltaic and biomass installations, furthermore is founder of Consortium for Energy in joint venture with Public local Administration of the South Italy, in order to save the energetic consumptions, produce clean and reliable energy sources for a better future.

(1,9 MB) DMA_Brochure_LG_EN.pdf
(4,6 MB) DMA_Group_Brochure_LG_ITA.pdf


Sunerg solar manufactures and distributes solar energy for water heating, electricity and also as a supplementary heating System, with a complete service including design, production, distribution, pre and post sales support. 

(1,9 MB) Sunerg_Company_Profile.pdf

(8,5 MB) Sunerg-Catalogo-FV-2015_lg.pdf
(0,9 MB) Sunerg_XM-60-156-I35-280W-300W.pdf
(0,9 MB) Sunerg_XP-60-156-I-35.pdf
(6,8 MB) Sunerg_Catalogo-Solare-Termico-2015-lg_Part_1.pdf
(9,4 MB) Sunerg_Catalogo-Solare-Termico-2015-lg_Part_2.pdf
(0,8 MB) Sunerg_Smart-Module.pdf



The deal of Italplasma is implement efficient and innovative system solutions aimed at enhancing energy resources, in particular, among the waste-to-energy technologies, Italplasma has gained the know-how necessary to use the technology of plasma torch for the energy recovery of post-consumer materials, RSU, RSS, biomass. 

(2,0 MB)  Italplasma_Brochure_LG_FRA.pdf




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