Colombo Domus

Colombo Domus Urban ModelsThe Colombo Domus Urban Module is a concentration of knowledge and techniques of design and modular construction, adaptable to different cultures and territories to provide each population a comfortable environment inside and outside the home, the residential area of excellence.

Colombo Domus is sustainable in economic, social, environmental, cultural and energy.

The homes are built with selected materials, mainly of the local, quality and finish, with the following characteristics:

  • Architecture and technology Made in Italy
  • Masterplan carefully designed
  • Separate Roads for cars and pedestrians
  • Sewers and complete infrastructure
  • Power grid independent and self-sufficient
  • Purification and recycling of water and waste
  • Houses of various sizes, even for families with many children.
  • Total Security with Fence and Guardia

also, an agreement with banks for sale with mortgage

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