Industrial Port

Industrial port - layout sectionThe structure of the Industrial Zone is the result of shared experience and 70 years of applied knowledge in industrial development in the West, optimized and adapted to the needs of the territories in the developing world.
His goal is to create optimal conditions to encourage the settlement of Productive Activities, Manufacturing and related services sector.
It has many strengths to the host country and for the activities that you are setting up, with special attraction of foreign companies.


The development of a territory (country) requires

  • infrastructure
  • Production facilities and services
  • Renewable Energy
    The project aims to create a
    Manufacture and development services
    Area activities.
    Which are considered the objective is to
    create new solutions for
    sustainable development.


The development of a Territory must necessarily promote the location of Manufacturing activities in order to:
enhance the local resources (Agronomic, Mining, etc) without selling off their wealth.

produce goods and services destined for the domestic market and / or all'export
create employment and training, and dissemination of know-how (knowledge), what great heritage of a people.

In addition to the above, the project Industrial Zone creates the conditions for self-sustenance for virtuous businesses and the territory in which it is made.


Industrial port - layout sectionThe area is designed in a form that allows for simplified management and order:
divide manufacturing activities by sector
streamline operations of Logistics (goods and people)
optimize Utility (heat and power)
Valuing and managing, locally, all the problems of environmental impact
use building materials eco-sustainable materials enhancing the local

The construction of the facilities of the Industrial Zone will be the stimulus to establish manufacturing activity in the territory.

Engineering - Details

The structure is developed to "radial" and each radius denotes a specific industrial sector and / or Service
Radius will be located along the central activities of Wholesale Trade and Service.
Near the central rotunda will be used to fund services and specifications, such as:
Island Utility: starting platform infrastructure for the distribution of water (drinking and not) Gas, Electric Power and Thermal, Telephone, Internet, etc.) Ecological Island: receiving platform and processing plants Recycling and Promotion of Industrial and Urban Waste , and Blackwater.
Among the radiant crowns insist green spaces dedicated installation of the parables of plants Solar Power, and related systems.
All industrial warehouses have two entrances, one on Main Street and on a "Retro".
The "Retro" also runs the railroad hesitate when the railway sidings and "Conduits" of the Utility, a solution that allows it to keep out of the main logistics front.

Street     Street

Energy production

The first project of productive activities that develops in the park area is the production of renewable energy from solar energy (Thermo-Dynamics).
The project developed by the specific company, it uses the open spaces between the rows of sheds (about 100 ha), placing them flat on the ground and channeling heat collected by the turbines to generate electricity.

The company produces and sells applicant thus:
• Electricity: Industrieset the national grid
• The thermal energy (heat) for local industries.
• The energy of the cold war (hot and cold is produced) for Industries / offices which set up in the industrial area.



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